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Astonishing Master Bathroom Remodel Transformation In Chandler, AZ

Updated: Apr 12

In Chandler, Arizona, a homeowner faced a common dilemma: their bathroom wasn't meeting their needs. The shower felt cramped, the aesthetics were outdated, and functionality was lacking in their everyday routine. It was clear that a transformation was in order to breathe new life into the space and address these issues head-on.

finished master bathroom remodel in chandler az

  • Project Scope of Work: Master Bathroom Remodel 

  • Location: Spectrum Way. & Val Vista Dr. in Chandler, AZ, between Kohl's and Spectrum Elementry School

  • Budget: $34,000

  • Bathroom Size: 420 sqft

  • Time to complete: 10 days

In envisioning the new design, our client aimed for a space that seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with everyday functionality. Drawing inspiration from their son's recently remodeled bathroom, completed by Ledezma Tile - Tile Installation & Bathroom Remodeling, they embarked on a journey to create their dream oasis. With a keen eye on ease of maintenance, they opted for a sleek 24x48 porcelain tile to minimize grout lines, ensuring effortless cleaning—a choice that promised both style and practicality.

Enhancing the bathroom's usability, they integrated thoughtful elements such as a larger soap niche and a dedicated foot niche for shaving, maximizing convenience in their daily routine. The design flourished with the addition of a striking blue mosaic tile, adorning the shower head's backdrop and accentuating both the soap and foot niches, evoking a tranquil waterfall ambiance. Complementing these features, brushed nickel fixtures were meticulously selected, lending a touch of sophistication to the space. For the lavatory area, a double-wide vanity with vessel sinks was chosen, fostering individualized spaces while maintaining ample room for shared use.

Attention to detail was paramount; every redesign aspect was carefully curated to elevate the bathroom's ambiance. Five recessed lights were strategically incorporated to illuminate the space and showcase its newfound splendor, casting a warm glow over the exquisite finishes. Alongside these enhancements, the selection of a herringbone-patterned 12x24 porcelain tile for the bathroom flooring added a distinctive flair, marrying elegance with practicality.

New bathroom quiet fans and a fresh coat of crisp white paint were introduced to ensure a cohesive aesthetic, infusing the room with a sense of timeless sophistication. As the vision for the revitalized bathroom took shape, it became clear that this transformation would meet and exceed the client's expectations, promising a space where beauty, functionality, and comfort seamlessly converge.

Materials Used in This Beautiful Master Bathroom Remodel

Steps in Remodeling This Chandler Bathroom Oasis

Preparing for the Transformation: Dust-Free Precautions

Prioritizing meticulous preparation, we implemented strategic measures to safeguard against dust accumulation throughout the remodeling process. Understanding the importance of maintaining cleanliness, we took proactive steps to shield vulnerable areas. From the home's entrance, through the white-carpeted walkway, and up to the master bathroom, floor coverings were meticulously laid to prevent any trace of debris from tarnishing the pristine surfaces. Furthermore, we extended our protection to encompass the front patio and driveway, ensuring that every aspect of the home remained immaculate throughout the renovation journey.

Demolition with Precision

Embracing a methodical approach to demolition, we employed innovative techniques to minimize disruption and streamline cleanup efforts. We mitigated the risk of residual dust settling in surrounding spaces by employing powerful vacuums to suction away debris swiftly. With utmost care and precision, we commenced the meticulous removal of the old bathroom, prioritizing the preservation of vital water lines and electrical components concealed within walls and beneath floors. As the remnants of the previous design gave way to a blank canvas, anticipation mounted for the exciting journey ahead—the commencement of the new remodel marked the dawn of transformative possibilities.

a dump trailer collecting demolishing debris from this bathroom remodel

Commencement of Remodeling and Rebuilding

With a pristine canvas awaiting transformation, our team embarked on the journey to bring the homeowner's vision to life. Beginning with meticulous electrical work, we installed two whisper-quiet fans, integrated five recessed lights, and orchestrated the relocation of two vanity light fixtures. Collaborating closely with licensed plumbers to ensure adherence to stringent codes, we initiated the intricate process of plumbing relocation. This involved strategically repositioning the shower head to the southern wall for a more natural shower experience while situating the shower valve at the northern entrance. This facilitated convenient temperature adjustment without unnecessary splashing.

Once plumbing rough-ins were impeccably prepared, we meticulously prepared the shower and tub areas. Framing custom niches and fortifying walls with DensShield wallboard, meticulously sealed with 100% waterproof sealant, we established a foundation of durability and resilience. A comprehensive waterproofing regimen, including the meticulous installation of a shower pan liner and application of Mapei Aqua Defense, ensured absolute water-tightness and was validated by rigorous testing protocols.

Proceeding with meticulous precision, we fortified the plywood subfloor with HardieBacker cement board, meticulously sealed to create an optimal tile-ready surface. Our tile installation commenced with a firm commitment to excellence, adhering strictly to industry standards while surpassing expectations. Employing leveling spacers to eradicate lippage and utilizing Prolite Premium Large and Heavy Tile Thinset for unmatched durability, every tile was meticulously placed with meticulous attention to detail.

As the tile installation progressed, meticulous craftsmanship ensured flawless grout joints, seamless transitions, and impeccable finishes. Schluter metal trim was meticulously installed at exposed tile edges, lending a sleek and polished aesthetic to the finished product. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, every aspect of the remodeling process culminated in creating a timeless masterpiece meticulously crafted to withstand the test of time.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance

Throughout every stage of the remodeling process, meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality were paramount. Our comprehensive quality inspections extended beyond surface-level aesthetics, encompassing every project facet—from exterior finishes to interior structural integrity. Plumbing, electrical systems, waterproofing measures, and structural stability were rigorously scrutinized to ensure unwavering durability and long-term performance. With Ledezma Tile & Bath, peace of mind comes standard, knowing that every aspect of your project has been meticulously attended to, delivering results that exceed expectations and stand the test of time.

The Remodel Transformation Reveal

master bathroom remodel before picture of a tub and shower
master bathroom remodel after picture with a beautiful tub and shower

Master Bathroom 3D Rendering
Master Bathroom 3D Rendering

Master Bathroom 3D Rendering
Master Bathroom 3D Rendering

Warranty and Assurances

In addition to any warranties provided by manufacturers of tile or setting materials, Ledezma Tile & Bath stands behind its workmanship with a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

Happy Customer Testimonial

What this client had to say after their remodel was completed.

“We truly appreciate you guys, your crew, and the amazing work you guys completed. We are currently dealing with multiple other contractors with other parts of our home that don't answer the phone and have terrible communication after things have gone wrong. We appreciate the fact that you guys came in every day, including Saturdays, and worked hard all day on our project. Although we did run into a couple of small problems during the remodel, we understand that these are things that happen when remodeling, the way you guys helped us through it and handled it was very professional, and we really thank you for that. Not everything always goes as smoothly as ideally planned but when you work with someone like you guys it makes it so much easier, honestly, we have never had a better experience working with another contractor. We have already recommended you to some friends who asked for your information after we uploaded a few pictures of our new bathroom to Facebook. Whenever we're ready for the guest bath remodel we’ll make sure to call you guys back!”

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