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How We Transformed this Beautiful Guest Bathroom Remodel in Chandler, AZ

Updated: Apr 12

In Chandler, Arizona, a homeowner faced a pressing issue with their bathroom: an old leaking bathtub rendered their shower unusable, posing a threat of potential damage to their home. Moreover, the bathroom's outdated appearance clashed with the overall aesthetic of their residence. Determined to create a welcoming atmosphere akin to their previous guest bathroom, they sought the expertise of our bathroom remodeling team. Their goal was clear: transforming their space into a beautiful haven that would impress guests and enhance their home's charm.

guest bathroom remodel

  • Project Scope of Work: Guest Bathroom Remodel 

  • Location: On Nocoma Dr. and Briarcrest in Chandler, AZ, between Fields of Dreams Senior Softball Center and Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes

  • Budget: $22,000

  • Bathroom Size: 40 sq ft

  • Time to complete: 11 days

Drawing inspiration from their recent move from Hawaii, our client envisioned a bathroom that reflected the modern and simplistic elegance they admired in their previous guest bathroom. Embracing functionality alongside style, they collaborated with our team to craft a design plan that seamlessly integrates these elements. The focal point of the design was a new walk-in shower boasting a sleek radius corner splash panel adorned with large format tiles to achieve a contemporary aesthetic. To evoke a sense of natural tranquility, we opted for a 15x30 porcelain tile paired with river rock accents for the shower floor and niche backdrop, creating a harmonious blend of textures. Consistency was key, and all metallic finishes were meticulously selected in a brushed nickel hue, complementing the chosen tiles and harmonizing with the vanity, mirror, and decor for a cohesive finish. Leveraging advanced design software, we provided the homeowner with immersive 3D renderings, allowing them to visualize their selected materials and configurations in stunning photo-realistic detail, ensuring every aspect of their dream bathroom was brought to life.

Materials used in this guest bathroom remodel project:

guest bath remodel

Starting the Guest Bathroom Remodel Project

Preparation Before Demolition and Dust

In preparation for the demolition phase, our team took meticulous steps to safeguard our client's property and ensure a seamless transition. Before commencing work, we covered the driveway with durable 6-mil plastic, shielding it from potential stains and debris often accompanying construction projects. Extending our care indoors, we laid floor coverings along the entire pathway leading to the front door and throughout the bathroom, safeguarding the interior tile floors from dirt and damage. Additionally, we meticulously covered any exposed surfaces susceptible to dust, ensuring a clean and pristine environment throughout the process.


With thorough preparation complete, our attention turned to the demolition and removal phase, where precision and caution were paramount. Before initiating any demolition work, we employed specialized tools to detect the location of plumbing and electrical components hidden behind the walls, preemptively avoiding any inadvertent damage. We diligently suctioned away most dust by utilizing high-powered shop vacuums, minimizing disruption and maintaining a clean workspace. We carefully removed the shower walls, bathtub, tile flooring, vanity, and all other outdated features, preparing the space for its transformative renewal. Upon completion of demolition, we swiftly and responsibly disposed of all debris, ensuring a clutter-free environment and paving the way for the commencement of the rebuild phase.

Remodel/Rebuild Start 

Entering the remodel and rebuild phase, our focus shifted to executing precise plumbing upgrades and laying the groundwork for the rejuvenated bathroom space. The initial step involved upgrading the existing 1 ½” drain to a 2” ABS drain, per plumbing codes, while repositioning the valve and elevating the shower head height for enhanced comfort. Following the completion of plumbing adjustments, thorough pressure testing and inspection of water lines ensured leak-free functionality, meeting our stringent quality standards.

With plumbing tasks accomplished, attention turned to framing the niche and installing essential components to fortify the shower area. The denshield wallboard was meticulously affixed, complemented by the application of our durable shower pan liner and Mapei Aqua defense for additional waterproofing measures. Adhering to industry standards, meticulous tile installation techniques were employed, seamlessly integrating the 15x30 porcelain tiles across the walls and bathroom floor alongside the river rock pebble tiles adorning the shower pan and niche backdrop. Every detail received meticulous attention, guaranteeing a flawless finish exceeding our client's expectations.

Custom-ordered and expertly installed, the radius splash panel served as a striking centerpiece, perfectly complementing the carefully curated vanity, mirror, and baseboards. With the final finishes in place, our dedication to excellence ensured a bathroom transformation that not only met but surpassed our client's aspirations, culminating in a space they would truly cherish.

Quality Assurance

Every facet of the remodel underwent rigorous quality inspections, adhering to Ledezma Tile & Bath's uncompromising standards.

Project's visuals

guest bathroom renovation before

guest bathroom renovation after

Warranty & Assurance

Our valued client received a comprehensive 2-year warranty from Ledezma Tile & Bath, which ensures coverage for any defective labor.

guest bath renovation rendering
3D Rendering

guest bath renovation rendering
3D Rendering

Testimonial of Satisfaction

Delighted with the results, our satisfied customer graciously shared their glowing testimonial, reflecting their happiness with the transformation achieved by Ledezma Tile & Bath.

"We hired Ledezma Tile to renovate our second bathroom which included installing a walk-in shower, a new bathroom tile floor, installing a toilet, a new vanity, mirror, and light fixture. They also extended the tile floor from our second bedroom into the adjacent hallway in front of the bathroom... We highly recommend Ledezma Tile for anyone looking to do a bathroom remodel."

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