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Shower vs. Tub: Which Is Right for You?

When it comes to bathroom renovation in Mesa, AZ, one of the most crucial decisions you have to face is choosing between a shower and a tub. Of all the decisions and details that go into a major bathroom remodeling project, none is more impactful on your space’s overall look than your choice of shower or tub. 

Both options have their specific benefits and drawbacks. Also, the ultimate choice depends on several factors, including aesthetic preferences, budget constraints, and space considerations. 

If you’re planning a bathroom remodeling or renovation in your Scottsdale, AZ, home but are confused between shower and bathtub installation, we have got you sorted.

This write-up will explore the key differences between showers and bathtubs, helping you make an informed decision.

Shower vs. Tub: The Great Bathroom Remodeling Debate 

Bathtubs and showers are different from each other in many ways, including their installation process, how they deliver water and the overall bathing experience they provide. Both options have certain benefits and drawbacks. Let’s explore these perks and disadvantages in more detail.

Advantages of Showers

Shower Bathroom Remodeling
  • Customization 

With a plethora of styles and designs available in the market, showers can be tailored to suit any bathroom decor. You can choose from multiple options like temperature control panels, multiple shower heads, and different enclosure styles to create a luxurious, spa-like oasis.

  • Water Conservation 

Showers are a more environmentally friendly choice than bathtubs because they generally use less water. It is estimated that a typical shower uses approximately 2 to 2.5 gallons of water per minute, whereas a bathtub can hold up to 50 gallons of water.

  • Accessibility 

Showers offer easier accessibility for seniors or family members with mobility issues. You can equip your bath showers with grab bars, slip-resistant textures, and other safety features to prevent potential accidents and falls. 

  • Convenience 

One of the significant perks of showers is that they offer a quick and convenient way to clean up. It can be an ideal choice if you’re short on time or prefer a more practical approach to your morning routine. 

Disadvantages of Showers

  • Children may find it challenging to adapt to showers

  • Bathroom showers may not provide the level of indulgence and relaxation as soaking in a tub

Advantages of Bathtubs

  • Aesthetically Appealing 

Due to their luxurious feel, bathtubs can be a focal point in your bathroom, improving its overall ambiance and design.

  • Family-Friendly 

Unlike showers, bathtubs are ideal for families with young children, as they offer a safer and more comfortable environment for bathing. 

  • Customization 

Similar to showers, bathtubs also come in various styles to suit any bathroom decor. You can choose from multiple options, like whirlpool tubs, clawfoot tubs, and freestanding tubs, to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space.

  • Promote Relaxation 

Nothing can beat the level of indulgence and relaxation bathtubs offer. Soaking in a warm bathtub can help promote relaxation and reduce stress. Also, it can provide numerous health benefits, such as improved muscle relaxation and blood circulation.

Disadvantages of Bathtubs 

  • Bathtubs use more water than showers, resulting in adverse environmental impacts and higher utility bills.

  • Bathtubs are unsuitable for smaller bathrooms as they require more space than shower installation.

Should You Have a Bathtub or Shower in the Bathroom?

The following key considerations will help you determine whether a bathtub or shower is the right option for your bathroom:

Consider Your Personal Bathing Preferences 

Before making a final decision, make sure to determine whether you’re a bath person or a shower person. You might be a shower person for most days of the week when self-care is an automatic process instead of a leisurely activity. 

In short, bathtubs are more of an indulgence for most busy adults, and showers are more of a necessity. So, your main bathroom redesign must have a shower if you prefer a more practical approach to your morning self-care routine.

Estimate the Upfront Cost & Long-Term Value 

Bathroom renovation projects can add more value to your home and offset its upfront costs if done well. But still, you have to estimate the long-term value and upfront costs of installing a shower or bathtub, especially if your remodeling budget is limited.

Approximately 65% of homeowners in Arizona prefer choosing a pre-fabricated shower/tub combo for their main bathroom because it offers complete functionality without putting a hole in your pocket.

Additionally, a stand-alone bathtub is another affordable solution that costs about $3,000 to install. In contrast, it costs about $6,000 to install a walk-in shower.

Your choice of bathroom shower or tub can increase the resale value of your property by as much as 20%. So, make sure to choose the correct option and check the available options in your budget. 

Consider Your Bathroom Layout and Space

The overall square footage of your bathroom can help narrow your options between a bathtub and a shower. 

If you don’t have enough space to accommodate a standard tub, installing a walk-in shower can be a great choice. On average, a traditional bathtub is 15 square feet, and a walk-in shower is 12 square feet. Occupying an extra 8% of floor space does not seem like much, but it can make a world of difference, especially if your room is at a premium.

Shower vs. Tub: Which Is Right for You?

Now that you have unveiled the key differences between a bathroom shower and a tub. When choosing the best bathing option for your main bathroom, convenience and functionality arguably outweigh all other considerations. 

If you’re parents of young children or have pets like a dog, it is wise to include a tub in your bathroom renovation project. However, a walk-in shower can be the perfect choice if only you and your partner will be using the main bathroom.

If you need further assistance in choosing between a shower and a bathtub, feel free to contact our pros at Ledezma Tile. We understand that there is a lot to consider when it comes to renovating or reconstructing your bathrooms. Our experienced team can help you make sense of your options so you end up with a luxurious bathroom that meets your needs and expectations.

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